Not all areas of our body emit the same amount of sweat.

Our skin is a heat exchanger that, to fulfill its function, emits sweat that, evaporating cools the machine called "body".

As well as the sweat prevents overheating, we must avoid causing a excessive cooling. The wet skin in fact, when the body-machine slows down and cools, would cause an excessive drop in temperature.

The patent EVO+ allows you to balance the cooling in each zone thanks to the small but sufficient difference between the different "Points" textiles in various parts of the body.

Moreover, since the skin moves following the different movements of the underlying muscolature, which makes it rotate or compress or relax etc.., the variations of texture and wire strands are designed to make the most efficient possible sweat expulsion to the outside of the material, where evaporation allows the best thermoregulation.

EVO+: the ultimate carbon evolution in thecnical functional material

Capitalizing the experience gained by applying its ideas to other textile products, the research and development team of EVO+ is able to obtain an even better functionality by applying a different knitting of yarn according to the areas of the body.

Exploited in this way the difference between the various movements of the skin resulting from the different function of the underlying muscles, the products EVO+ reach levels never previously achieved in evacuation of sweat and management of the same in order to improve the thermoregulation and avoid excessive cooling or warm up.

Products must be worn at direct contact with the skin, and are effective in the presence of low or high temperatures.

Dry skin helps to feel less heat and sweat evaporating outside of textile produce correct cooling without causing the effects that excessive cilling that cyclists (for example) know well.

All EVO+ products are MADE IN ITALY with carbon and stretch polipropilen. They rappresent the ultimate carbon evolution in thecnical functional material.



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Massimo Bianconcini

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Elena Gaddoni

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